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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Our brand new topic this half term is called, 'Who thought of that'! We will be learning all about significant inventors and their inventions, as well as their impact on the modern world. We will also learn how transport has changed over time and what individuals have contributed to these changes throughout history. Key individuals will include; The Wright brothers, Leonardo Da Vinci, The Montgolfier brothers and Amelia Earhart.

In Geography we will be learning about the 7 continents of the world, as well as the location of the equator and the hot and cold areas in relation to this. We will do this by creating a giant version of the world on the playground using chalk. We will run to different areas of the world and do some role play work based on the types of clothing we would wear in these differing locations.

In Science, we will identify a variety of common animals, and will classify them into their scientific groups. We also learn about the differences between nocturnal and diurnal animals and how their needs differ.

In DT, we will be creating our own moving vehicles using a chassis, axels, and wheels. We will follow a set of success criteria to enable us to make the most successful vehicles and will test these out by racing them with our partners!

To inspire our writing, we will be using the books, 'The Dragon Machine' and 'The Great Balloon Hullaballoo'. 

We will also be doing lots of work on 'Growth Mindset' this term, and will undertake some exciting workshops to bring this to life.

Sequencing significant inventions

Sequencing significant inventions

'The Dragon Machine' By Helen Ward

'The Dragon Machine' By Helen Ward