Harbury C of E

Primary School

To love, learn and grow together

Aims and ethos of the school

“To love, learn and grow together”

We choose to value:

  • Love
  • Collaboration
  • Perseverance
  • Thankfulness
  • Trust
  • Inclusion

Love is choosing to be caring, respectful and kind, regardless of difference.

Collaboration is choosing to work together respectfully, having the courage to share our creative ideas, knowing we can achieve more together.

Perseverance is choosing to face challenges, believing that struggles are a part of life and learning and can make us stronger.

Thankfulness is choosing to appreciate opportunities, to celebrate our unique qualities and to value the place we have in God’s wonderful world.

Trust is choosing to have faith in yourself and others, through kindness and honesty, in order to build a safe and successful community.

Inclusion is choosing to make our school mindful of people’s differing needs and welcoming to all.

Our current values are Thankfulness & Responsibility