Mathematics in the Early Years

In Early Years, for our Reception pupils, mathematics is taught in key phases, taught through the White Rose Maths materials. The coverage is clearly mapped out in the White Rose Maths schemes of learning for the whole year and with more detail in the specific phases.

The learning environment is also set-up with maths activities for children to explore independently during their independent play. These activities (enhancements) are updated on a weekly basis. Pupils are encouraged to explore the busy learning environment, making links to their previous learning. Adults working in Reception will add maths vocabulary in the maths zone to further develop children’s mathematical thinking. Children are taken on a ‘learning walk’ of the environment at the start of each week so they are aware of learning through play opportunities available to them.

Planning in maths will make links to texts used in Literacy to support the teaching of mathematics, where possible, as part of the whole class teaching focus. Throughout the course of the week, children will engage in an adult-led activity in differentiated groups. During this time, children will complete a practical task, which is either photographed to go in their books or a task that the children record directly into their individual maths book.

Big Maths in Early Years

Pupils in Reception also have daily opportunities to rehearse fluency and quick recall of key maths facts through the use of CLIC materials (Counting, Learn Its, It’s Nothing New and Calculating), as per the rest of the school. Children begin by engaging in the sessions verbally and then progress onto using whiteboards to share their understanding of the content. The use of CLIC materials also supports children to see patterns within numbers. These sessions are delivered 15 minutes 4 times per week.

Mathematics in Key Stages 1 & 2

We structure our maths curriculum to ensure that children’s development of number sense and wider maths learning is progressive and so that children have sufficient time to work on objectives and progress using a small-step approach. We follow the The White Rose Maths long term and medium term plans to deliver the Maths curriculum.

Children have daily opportunities to rehearse fluency and quick recall of key maths facts, appropriate to their year group, to support retaining this sticky knowledge in their long-term memories. They have opportunities to consolidate and retrieve previous learning through Mini Maths (mapped out for the week as relevant to their year group). Their mathematical fluency is developed through the use of Big Maths materials and taught sessions. We use retrieval practice to deliver starts of lessons and develop arithmetic skills based on CLIC - Counting, Learn its, It’s nothing new, Calculation.

Where appropriate, children in Reception and Year 1 will explore high-quality texts to hook the maths around to make the learning more purposeful for the children.

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Maths at Harbury

Maths at Harbury