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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

This term our topic is

Why did elephants live in Leamington Spa?

This half term we will be learning all about the elephants who lived in Leamington Spa. The first elephant trainer in England was a man called Samuel Lockhart who was born to a circus family in Leamington in 1850. Samuel Lockhart went to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to seek his fortune and returned to Leamington with three elephants, who appeared as a circus act. Their names were Wilhelmina, Haddie and Trilby. Samuel Lockhart became famous for opening his own circus by the River Leam (where the Loft Theatre is now). 

As part of this topic, we will explore the life of Samuel Lockhart, as well as how he cared for his elephants. We will use the book, ‘Elephants in Royal Leamington Spa’ by Janet Storrie to develop the children’s understanding of the history of Leamington and how it has changed over time. We will also learn about Queen Victoria and how she gave Leamington its royal charter.  

In Geography, we will be learning all about our local area. We will use a map to find Harbury and Leamington Spa, discussing their similarities and differences. We will be drawing our own maps of Leamington Spa, identifying a variety of landmarks and roads by using symbols to represent them. We also hope to go on a trip to Leamington and go on a scavenger hunt to find these key places, as well as go and explore the royal pump rooms and learn what they were used for. 

In English, we will be using the text ‘You Can't Take An Elephant On the Bus’ by Patricia Cleveland-Peck as inspiration for our writing, as well as Peter Spier's book 'Circus'. We will be writing for a range of different purposes including poetry, narrative, and non-fiction.

In maths, we will focus on place value and addition & subtraction (within 20).

Our Science topic will be about the basic needs of animals, as well as the importance of a balanced diet and the right amount of exercise. 

Our computing topic this term is centred on understanding how to create and debug a set of instructions (algorithm). To do this we will be using the programme Maze Explorers and the Bee-Bot app. 

In DT we will be creating moving mechanisms, based around a circus theme and will differentiate between a lever and a slider. 

In PE, we will focus on Dance for our indoor PE and Sending and Receiving skills for our outdoor sessions.   

In RE this half-term, we will be focusing on the key question: Who is a Sikh and what do they believe? 

We will also be gaining a deeper understanding of our values Perseverance and Loyalty.

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You Can't Take An Elephant On the Bus - Patricia Cleveland-Peck

You Can't Take An Elephant On the Bus - Patricia Cleveland-Peck

Peter Spier’s 'Circus’

Peter Spier’s 'Circus’

Elephants in Royal Leamington Spa - Janet Storrie

Elephants in Royal Leamington Spa - Janet Storrie