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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Our next exciting topic is all about our local area! To kick start this, we went on a walk around Harbury and identified various landmarks and learnt about the history of some of the buildings, including the windmill. We were lucky enough to be led on this tour by Bill Timson who is the chairman of the Harbury Heritage group. 

As part of this topic we will also be creating our own 2D and 3D aerial maps of Harbury and will create route guides for how to get from one place to another using positional language. In History we will look at old and new photographs of the local area and will discuss how these places have changed over time. We will also create a timeline of the Old Mill in the village and will learn about its key features. 

In Science, we will be identifying a variety of wild and garden plants including trees within our school grounds. We will also learn about animals and their offspring as well as the lifecycles of different types of animals.

In DT we will be creating moving pictures using sliders and pivots. We will begin by researching these types of mechanisms and will then experiment, plan and design our own versions.

In English we will be focusing on sequencing and retelling stories, as well as describing characters and settings. We will also be working on reciting different types of poetry. The books we will be focusing on will include; ‘The three little wolves and the big bad pig’ by Eugene Trivizas; ‘Little Red’ by Lynn Roberts, and ‘The Building Boy’ by Ross Montgomery. I will also be reading a variety of traditional tales to the children throughout this half term.

Our walk around the village

Our walk around the village

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig