Thank YOU

A big thank you to everyone for filling 150+ bags which weighed in at an incredible 776.8kg (a normal school pick up is about 250kg) which raised £388.40 for the school funds.

Thanks to Leanna for coordinating all the activity, Clare and David for transport and Clare’s mum and dad for lending their camper van for the week…

Please place tied bags of unwanted clothes and shoes at any time in the clothing bin at the front of school – it raises enough to buy 2 ipads a year!

With thanks
Your PTA


Each Friday, under the direction of Mrs Crowder and with the help of members of staff, different groups of children stay behind after school to do a little gardening. They sew seeds, plant seedlings, weed and tidy to keep our school gardens and planting areas looking great. The fantastic, spacious, new greenhouse is being put to great use!