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Year 5

Year 5 Spring Term

For this Spring term, Year 5 are focusing on the topic: 

On Top Of The World

This topic will last for the whole of the Spring term. To begin, we will be immersing ourselves into the Chinese region of Tibet. The children will analyse aerial images and maps, research some of the highest mountains of the world and discover who climbed Mount Everest first. They will compare and contrast this learning with the highest mountain in Britain, looking at a range of data to help us. We will also learn about how mountains are formed and other aspects of physical geography. 

   In maths, we have a week or so of our Fraction block left before we move on to focus on Multiplication & Division, Fractions, Decimals, Perimiter and Statistics.

We will also continue with weekly times table tests to help us ensure we maintain that skill. 

 In English, we will focus on the text Survivors by David Long and then for the second half of the term we will use the text ‘Running on the roof of the world’ by Jess Butterworth. 

In RE during the first half term, we will be focusing on the key question:  What matters most to Christians and to Humanists?​ Then, in the second half of the Spring term we are focusing on Salvation - what difference does the Resurrection make for Christians? 

  As part of our learning in DT, we will focus on designing and making Tibetan hanging bed structures. The children will focus on joining and combining a range of materials and components. We will decide upon the most effective permanent and temporary way to join and combine materials and apply an appropriate finishing technique. In Art, we will the technique of batik, using a Tibetan prayer flag as our inspiration for our designs.  

Our computing topic this term is centred on using and understanding coding using the programme Scratch. Then we’ll move on to a bock about Creating Games and some Online Safety to ensure that all of our Year 5 pupils are aware of the risks associated with their online selves and how they can be the best version of themselves whilst online.   

In Science, we will be learning about light, focusing on several key concepts: recognising that light appears to travel in straight lines and using this to explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye. We will also focus on explaining that we see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes or from light sources to objects and then to our eyes and the shadows that are formed from the objects casting these shadows.  

In PE, we will focus on Volleyball and Dodgeball for our indoor PE and Football and Hockey for our outdoor sessions.  

 Our school values for the first half term are Perseverance (choosing to face challenges) and Loyalty (beliefs personal values and friendships). Then, for the second half term we’ll look at Trust and Courage. We will focus on this as part of whole school act of worship and also in class. 



Investigating in science

Investigating in science