Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Our Autumn term topic is

Who invaded and settled in the UK?

Based on the Roman Tale Goose Guards by Terry Deary (the author of the horrible histories books!), Year 4’s focus in English will be on Roman life, where we will explore Roman myths and legends, and create our own narrative. Our grammar focus will be on including inverted commas to punctuate speech in our writing. We will explore myths further through the text Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo and compose an instructional text based on our experience of creating Anglo-Saxon Banners.

In maths we will focus on securing our understanding of number and place value. We are increasing our maths offer in the classroom with more quick recall sessions daily to constantly revise key principles that are fundamental to success in this subject. We will also practice our times tables daily to prepare for the MTC in the summer term.

In art and DT we will be exploring and creating Anglo-Saxon war banners, where we will focus on our textiles skills such as sewing. We will then move on to DT where we will create a Roman horse drawn chariot using axels and pulleys. In PE we will be focusing on our ball skills and our fitness, then moving on to dance and hockey in Autumn 2. In RE, we will be asking ‘What do different people believe about God?’ and ‘Why are festivals important to religious communities?’. Our values for this term are love and respect.

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Terry Deary - The Goose Guards

Terry Deary - The Goose Guards